The Vantik Fund

Protected and sustainable investing, made for everyone

Your Vantik account is designed to help you make a yearly return of over 3%, after costs, at minimum risk. All while starting off with as little as €1.


Inside the fund

The Vantik Fund is a compilation of risk averse and sustainable investments to help you make profit on your retirement savings. It is built on risk-averse, long-term and diversified investments, according to so called ESG criteria. Contrary to most types of investments your contributions to the fund are protected by the Vantik Buffer when you retire.

When you put money into the Vantik Fund, it’s seamlessly and automatically split into over 7,000 investments, all across the world, and across industries. All these parts belong to four categories: stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities.



Ownership in thousands of companies

Stocks are shares in a company. You benefit directly from the success of these companies. The Vantik Fund invests your money in more than 7,000 companies in Europe (20%), North America (20%) and Asia & Emerging Markets (20%) which all comply to ESG criteria.



Loans to governments and large companies

Bonds are loans where an investor lends money to a company or a government for a certain period of time, in exchange for an interest payment. The Vantik fund invests in selected European bonds of very stable and reliable borrowers only. All of which comply with sustainable investment criteria (ESG).


Real Estate

Residential and commercial real estate

Real estate stands for long-term value creation and stable rental income. The Vantik fund invests a portion of your money in residential and commercial property across the world.



Wood & forestry

Parts of your money is invested in sustainable companies in the wood and forest industry. By investing in these kinds of companies one leg of our strategy doesn’t rely on the swings of the rest of the capital market.

The Vantik Investment Principles


Target a return over 3% per year

The Vantik Funds aim is to help you retire with more money than you could have saved on your own. The target is to bring you over 3% per year after all costs. That means an investment made today will have doubled after 24 years or tripled after 38 years.


Long-term security above all

Your money is carefully invested all over the world, in a vast array of industries. We do this to place our eggs in as many baskets as possible, thereby avoiding reliance on the performance of a singular market, company, country or currency. The financial term for this is portfolio diversification, a Nobel Prize winning strategy by Harry Markowitz.


Low costs mean more profit

Low cost means more return for you. This is why we keep our operations as lean as possible. Also, all funds (Exchange-Traded Funds or ETFs) nested within Vantik’s Fund have extremely low maintenance costs. Less money to middlemen means more money for you.


Sustainable investing

The Vantik Fund focuses on responsible investing in companies that follow the so-called ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria and comply with the U.N. Global Compact principles. This means, for example, that with Vantik you don't invest in companies that support coal energy, tobacco or the weapon industry.

Understanding the risks of investing

Please be aware that the Vantik Fund is an investment and as with any form of investing your money is at risk. That means that the value of your savings in the Vantik Fund can go up as well as down, day by day, year by year. Historically, the risk of losing money decreases the longer you keep your money invested. Additionally, the Buffer reduces the risk of losing money at retirement significantly. However, this protection does not cover withdrawals before you retire.

If you have any questions regarding the risk of investing money with the Fund, please reach out anytime via our Chat, write us to or give us a call at +49-30-54909137.

Additionally, you can find more information about risk in our Preliminary Information.

Optimised for retirement savings

You can invest your retirement savings in many places but the Vantik Fund has an important benefit over other funds: Your contributions are safe when you retire.

The money you put in the fund is protected by the Vantik Buffer when you reach retirement age. In other words, you set yourself up for a chance of retiring with more money than you saved yourself while minimizing the risk of losing a single cent from your retirement nest egg.

There’s no room for feeling uneasy when it comes to your retirement planning. That’s why the Vantik Fund is licensed in Germany and regulated by BaFin, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

You can find more detailed information about The Fund here.

Do you still have more questions?

If you have any questions regarding the risk of investing money with the Fund, please reach out anytime via our Chat, write us to or give us a call at +49-30-54909137.

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