Getting expert investment assistance and protection against recessions doesn’t have to be expensive. Vantik’s pricing is designed so you only pay as you save. Like with everything else we do, we treat you fairly and only charge what’s necessary to provide you with the best service and protection.

There are no hidden fees at Vantik. What you pay for is divided into two different categories.

  1. A yearly service fee of 1,18% of the balance in your account, which pays for ours and all our partner's service.
  2. A one-time 1% contribution per payment to the Vantik Buffer, to protect your investments from recessions at retirement.

Vantik service cost

1,18% of account value per year

We charge this simple fee for our services based on how much money is in your account. We can charge this low fee because we only invest in low-cost ETFs and we keep our own operation lean and cut out middlemen and women. 

All costs are paid straight from the fund. There are no additional hidden costs for you, meaning you won't receive an invoice from us. The fund is "charged" with max. 1% costs each year. This amount covers all costs for the account and portfolio management by DAB BNP Paribas, the fund administration and risk management by Axxion, the depository of the fund assets by Berenberg, Faros as investment advisor, Vantik for sales and customer support, and all costs of the accountant and other experts.

Additionally we have indirect costs of the target funds. We solely use cost-efficient index funds (so-called ETFs). The running costs of the used ETFs move around an average of 0,18% per year.  

In total the service costs involved each year accumulate to 1,18% of the volume of your savings (pro info: the so-called TER short for Total Expense Ratio). All costs are directly paid out of the fund. You don't have any additional costs. All while the aspired target return of over 3 % is not touched after the deduction of all costs.

Retirement Income Protection

1% per deposit

The cost of protection is charged up front, once. Effectively this means that once you’ve paid for the protection of, for example, €100, you never pay for protection of that €100 again. Note that this protection cost goes straight to the Vantik Buffer —the Vantik Company does not make profits from this money.

Where is the Buffer money kept?

The Security Buffer will in future be kept and managed by an independent foundation, the Vantik Foundation. Until the foundation is established, 1% of your payments will be paid to Vantik as a fee. This we deduct automatically as a "disagio" on your deposits. Vantik will fully transfer these fees to the Vantik Foundation as soon as it has been set up.

At Vantik you never pay an issuing premium, acquisition fees, one-time fees, account maintenance fees, redemption fees, profit-shares or any other hidden costs.

Vantik is mostly free

We’re not charging petty fees for stuff that should obviously be free. Here’s a list of examples, but know that you will never receive an invoice from us.

Opening account Free

Closing account Free

Withdrawals of any size Free

Increasing savings rate Free

Decrease savings rate Free

Hold on, can’t I invest for my retirement in a cheaper way?

Yes, if you do everything yourself, it is probably a bit cheaper. But beware of all the nitty-gritty details that come with a DIY approach:

  1. Your money is not protected by the Vantik Buffer from recessions at retirement
  2. You have to do ETF selection, monitoring and rebalancing all by yourself
  3. You’ll always have to take a really close look at how high the fees really are


Other important things to know, when comparing the cost of Vantik with others.

Most fund based saving plans have a minimum contribution of €25 per ETF. In order to not have all your eggs in one basket, but rather reach a portfolio that is as diversified as the Vantik Fund, you would need to save at least €500 a month.

You usually pay either a fixed amount (for example, €4.90) per payment and/or a percentage per payment (also called order volume e.g., 1.5%). In addition, you’ll have to watch out for hidden costs in the direct ETF costs and the so-called bid-ask spread (the difference between buying and selling price) in the selection of ETFs, especially in action offers.

You have questions? Write us through our chat, email us or simply give us a call +49-30-54909137.