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  1. Invest smartly

    Benefit from smart investing strategies with 0% complexity.

  2. Open your account in minutes

    You only need your ID and your smartphone.

  3. Adjust your savings rate anytime

    Save exactly how much you want, when you want.

  4. Access your money anytime

    Keep your entire balance available to you at all times, even profits.

  5. Stay secured against recessions

    Invest confidently with an additional layer of financial security at retirement.

  6. Project your future savings path

    Plan your financial future and take the guesswork out of your retirement.

The cornerstones of your future account

  1. The Vantik Fund

    The Fund aims to maximise your returns at minimum risk. It’s invested in thousands of companies  worldwide and you can start off with as little as €1.

  2. Security first

    At the core of Vantik is the security of your savings. An intricate system of safety nets makes sure that your retirement savings are safe.

  3. Pricing

    The annual cost of Vantik is 1% per year on your balance—that’s less than €1 monthly, per €1,000 invested.

  4. Sustainability

    Invest without compromising your values. Your money will only be invested in companies that do not engage in controversial business according to MSCI’s ESG standards and into European government bonds.

Ready to get your future finance on track?

Disclaimer: Your Vantik account is an investment. When you put money in your Vantik account your balance can decrease as well as increase. We created the security buffer to add another layer of security and decrease the risk of losing money. However, you need to be aware that you could also make a loss.